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Why is alpaca wool special?

Know all the characteristics of this material:

Many people wonder, what is special about alpaca wool? And why is it so famous worldwide?

Next, we have created this article so you can learn how wonderful it is to use an alpaca garment.

1. TEXTURE: When you touch alpaca wool you feel a special feeling of lightness and warmth. It doesn’t feel itchy like other fibers.

2. RESISTANCE: Thanks to its composition, alpaca fiber is three times stronger than sheep wool. An important quality of alpaca is its ability to resist solar radiation.

3. HYPOALLERGENIC: Does not cause allergy because, unlike sheep wool, it does not contain lanolin. Therefore, it is very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

4. WARMTH: A comparison with sheep’s wool, definitely alpaca wool is warmer. It is thermal and insulating, this makes it very good to maintain body temperature against various weather conditions. In addition, it helps to combat sudden temperature changes and conserve heat, but at the same time it is very breathable.

5. LIGHTNESS: As it is a warm wool, it makes it lighter and more comfortable than other wool.

6. SOFT: Alpaca fiber is at the level of softness that cashmere, only that it is the best quality and waterproof. Its degree of comfort is very high.

7. SUSTAINABLE: They are products that help to care for and respect the environment. These animals graze freely on land without pesticides and received no chemicals.

8. DURABILITY: They are not affected by fungi and other microorganisms. Therefore, they are always a good investment. It is silky and shiny. It does not lose its shine after dyeing and washing. It barely absorbs moisture and repels water very well. This means that if it rains or gets wet, its appearance, shape and quality will not be affected.

9. PREFERRED: Alpaca wool is classified by the best in the world, so it is preferable by all people. Its thickness ranges between 18-22 microns, exceeding the cache that has a thickness of 19 fibers.

10. COLORS: It has a wide palette of natural colors, something rare in other wool.

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