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Which is better Alpaca wool or Cashmere?

We will introduce you to the main differences between these two great fashion.

Definitely, alpaca wool and cashmere are a trend for its great softness and lightness. However, little by little one of them is gaining more popularity and preference for the world of fashion.

The popularity of cashmere began in the 90s, being offered as a rare and exclusive luxury garment. As the world began to globalize, companies exploited this product, definitively removing its exclusivity, so that it became commercial, which generated that its quality is highly affected and that everyone sells these garments in a common way.

On the other hand, there are alpacas that live mainly in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, in a much less fragile environment; their soft and padded hooves are delicate with the ground, they graze without destroying the roots of the plants. Likewise, alpacas are also more efficient than goats, it is estimated that twenty goats are required to produce what a single alpaca produces each year.

In this way, the alpaca arrived, to finally replace the most exclusive in the market. Its light, soft, warm and resistant fiber caught people’s attention, which is why it is currently used to make clothes, accessories and carpets. It is a natural fabric that belongs to the so-called noble fibers, such as mohair, cashmere or angora. At first glance it may resemble the wool of the sheep (merina), although it is of better quality.

Alpaca wool is a fabulous material just like cashmere, but the first one is much more resistant, it is worth mentioning that the Incas considered alpaca as valuable as gold. Also, in the latest fashion shows in New York, alpaca garments have been the star of the event so that the great designers have already set their sights on them and have gradually learned their fabulous fiber, implementing their best designs with this luxurious alpaca fiber.

It is worth mentioning, in the pre-Columbian era the alpacas were called “the last queens of the border with the sky”. Centuries later, from the Peruvian highlands they reached heaven. Alpaca wool is the only wool that came into space since NASA used alpaca wool because it is the natural fiber with more thermal properties, due to its high breathability and elasticity.

Definitely the alpaca wool unbanked cashmere, and is gradually gaining ground in the world. It is worth mentioning, the most demanding consumers are learning from this fiber, realizing its strength and durability, since it can take years and the garment continues to maintain its brightness and quality.

Finally, alpaca wool has beneficial properties for people, that is what highlights its exclusivity, you can find them in this link:




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