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How do you wash alpaca wool?

Washing can be a hand or dry specific to the garment in question:

Hand wash – Knitwear (sweaters, gloves, socks, etc.)

The garment should be washed in a bathtub with water at room temperature or cold, never warm while using a soap that is soft and gently rubbing with the hands to remove all dirt.

Later left under water about five minutes and finally rinse with water.

Never use solvents.

Dry cleaning – Plain weave (accessories, blankets, shawls, etc.)

In this case, the wash must be dry.


Excess water must be removed by gently pressing the product; we must avoid draining or twisting the garment.

For faster drying, we can put the garment on a towel and make a cylinder with it avoiding the product to deform.

Always dry in shade so you can keep the color for a long time.

Continuation of drying should be laid and never with hangers as this can deform the garment.

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